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National training survey 26 March 2014 launch Resources from GMC

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National training survey 26 March 2014 launch Resources from GMC
by Noel Cudden - Thursday, 13 March 2014, 4:43 PM

Dear All

National training survey 2014

I’m writing to let you know that the national training survey will launch on 26 March 2014, and to ask for your help in promoting it to your doctors in training.

As you will know, the survey provides a vital insight into the quality of medical education and training across the UK. But for the results to be meaningful, we need to encourage all doctors in training to respond.

As in previous years, we have produced a pack of materials to help promote the survey in your organisation. Part of the pack – some flyers, posters and postcards – has been sent to you and should arrive by 18 March. These and some additional resources can be downloaded from our website. If you don’t receive your pack, or need more copies, please email us.

The pack includes:

  • A5 flyers
  • A3 posters
  • A6 postcards
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • news story
  • email template
  • web button to add to your site
  • the survey logo.

Help us to encourage responses from all your doctors in training

We hope that you’ll help raise awareness of this year’s survey to ensure an excellent response – the resources we’ve included are designed to help you do this more easily.

 Poster, flyer and postcard

 We have sent you some printed copies of the poster, flyer and postcard which are designed to advertise the survey to your doctors in training. You may wish to display these in communal areas such as staff rooms and study areas. 

  Resources available on our website

 PowerPoint presentation

 The presentation sets out the background to the survey, explains how to take part, noting key dates, and gives a flavour of the issues that arose from last year’s survey. It includes speaker notes. You may consider presenting this at generic skills days, or it could be posted on LEP, college or deanery/LETB websites.

 News story

 The pre-written news story gives key information about the survey. You might consider adding this to your website or including it in a newsletter. Please feel free to amend the story to include local detail, such as a quote, to make it more meaningful to your doctors in training.


Email template

 You may wish to use the email template for any message you send out about the survey. Sending this from your dean or college president could help to strengthen the message among your doctors in training.


National training survey logo

 Please include the logo in any information you produce about the survey. The logo can be resized as needed, but please don’t make any other changes to it.


Web button

 The web button is an image that you can use on your website. This can be set up to link to the 2014 national training survey web page (www.gmc-uk.org/nts). Your website administrator should be able to help you do this.

 Thank you for your on-going support in helping to promote the survey. If at any time you have any questions and would like to speak to a member of the survey team, please send us an email.

 Kind regards

Kevin Connor

Quality Analyst
Education and Standards Directorate
General Medical Council
Direct Line: 020 7189 5475

Website: http://www.gmc-uk.org/education/index.asp