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We will be upgrading to Moodle version 2.4 on the 11th March 2013 with a downtime of 09.30 to 17.30

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We will be upgrading to Moodle version 2.4 on the 11th March 2013 with a downtime of 09.30 to 17.30
by Dr Kate Pavlidou - Wednesday, 6 March 2013, 3:16 PM


Please do not delete before you read – Important announcement – This is an alert sent to all East Midlands LETB VLE account holders.


Following a plethora of requests to upgrade to the latest available version of Moodle and subsequent dicussions with the University of London IT services we are pleased to announce that this is now confirmed and

we will be upgrading to Moodle version 2.4 on the 11th  March 2013

with a downtime of 09.30 to 17.30

Please refrain from accessing the VLE during the downtime.

The upgrade is expected to run smoothly but should you experience any problems accessing or using the VLE following the downtime, please cotact us urgently at emsha.moodle@nhs.net 

This is a significan upgrade which will tackle any issues reported previously by tablet/mobile users, with major new features including:

Integration of external calendars: The most-voted feature request in the tracker has been completed! You can now stream your external calendars (such as Google Calendar, or a calendar from another Moodle site) into Moodle's calendar via the iCal standard.

Enrolment related improvements: Cohorts can now be synchronised to course groups! Self enrolment can be restricted to cohort members. Pending expiration notification in self and manual enrolment plugins. Other minor enrolment fixes and improvements.

Performance improvements: Improved daily statistics performance. Significant size reduction of navigation widget. Question related caching. Performance improvement by not locking guests and not-logged-in users sessions

Icons: The default icons used for activities and editing actions have been updated for the first time since Moodle 1.0. Not only are they a little bigger and more colourful but they are SVG format and support full scaling on all devices, so they always look good.  

Themes: Improved compatibility with Internet Explorer 8-10. Remove special border-radius on course/site description block, standard theme. All pages are now served with HTML5 doctype by default.

Assignment enhancements:

  • Group assignments - It will now be possible to set an assignment which a group can work on collaboratively -and receive a common (or individual) grade.
  • Blind marking i.e. not knowing the identity of students when grading. Students' names will be replaced by randomly generated Participant numbers.
  • Submission date extensions - Teachers can set a cut-off date (and time) beyond which submissions will no longer be accepted. They can also grant extensions for those who miss the deadline.
  • Submission statement - It will be possible to set a submission statement so students have to check a box promising their work is original before submitting it.
  • Offline marking - Teachers can download all assignments plus the grading sheet, view, grade and give feedback offline and then upload back to Moodle and have the grades/files/comments transferred into Moodle's gradebook.

Other highlights

Workshop module enhancements:

  • Full support for alternative grading evaluation methods.
  • Final grades are displayed to workshop participants when the activity is closed.
  • Ability to define a conclusion text to be displayed to workshop participants when the activity is closed.
  • Teachers can assess submissions in the grading evaluation phase without the need to switch to the assessment phase.


  • Standard role names and descriptions are now fully localised in new installations. Admins may remove hardcoded role names in existing installations if necessary.
  • Users can set the order and number of courses displayed on their My home page.
  • Students can now see the content of advanced grading forms on their assignment page before they submit.
  • Activities and topics can be restricted according to user profile fields.
  • Statistics performance has been improved which should have impact for large sites primarily.
  • Rename "Course Prerequisites" to "Completion Dependencies"
  • The screen reader profile setting has been removed - all pages should now work with a screen reader
  • Submission added to the Activity Completion tracking options
  • The default Wiki "First page name" is now blank, but required.
  • - When searching for users exact matches are listed first
  • The number of summaries per page limit is now configurable
  • The messaging providers page has been tidied and ordered
  • SCORM activities are shown selectively on the My home page.
  • Course tags improvements
  • Calendar event hide/show links are now consistent on page and in block
  • Safe Exam Browser window no longer includes a logout link
  • Blog system can be completely disabled
  • Message styles have been consolidation across chat/messaging/comments
  • Delete Event button is now displayed only once on the event page
  • Automated course backup settings include options to specify whether the backup of certain courses should be skipped

For more information and to access the full Moodle 2.4 release notes please visit


or contact Kate Pavlidou at kate.pavlidou@nhs.net Mobile: 07775025905