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HR and Social Media in the NHS

Picture of Dr Kate Pavlidou
HR and Social Media in the NHS
by Dr Kate Pavlidou - Wednesday, 27 February 2013, 8:14 PM
The increasing use of social media is having a growing influence on society. From
dictating tomorrow’s news today, to giving individuals a public voice, or just helping
form new social connections independent of geography, social media has quickly
embedded itself within our daily lives. Central government now has the
GovernmentDigital Service (GDS) and digital, by default, has become the mantra of nearly every
public sector organisation....


The link below will take you to Briefing 87: "HR and Social Media in the NHS: an essential guide for HR directors and managers".


This briefing discusses four main questions:
•What is social media?
•What potential impact will social media have on HR work?
•How are HR and other NHS professionals currently using social media?
•What advice and guidance is available for HR and other NHS professionals?


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