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Mobile learning for the NHS: 2012 research report results

Picture of Dr Kate Pavlidou
Mobile learning for the NHS: 2012 research report results
by Dr Kate Pavlidou - Thursday, 15 November 2012, 1:09 PM

Dear Colleagues,

Mobile learning for the NHS: 2012 research report results

Please find this report attached for your interest – and for sharing with others who may be interested. The report is based on feedback from over 230 NHS staff (including employees of acute, mental/community health and ambulance Trusts, and individuals working in national/local leadership and technical roles) together with findings from recently published articles. The 2012 research used the same methodologies as the earlier 2010 research, so that findings can be compared, and was again peer reviewed by external academics to ensure quality and rigor.

The report is full of interesting insights, but quite long! In a nutshell:


  • Since 2010, there has been a marked increase in enthusiasm for accessing learning via mobile device; appetite for access to quick reference/decision-support information via mobile is even higher;
  • In line with general trends, there has been an increase in the ownership of smart phones and use of apps by NHS staff; based on our sample, nearly 50% now have access to a personal or work-issued device suitable for mobile learning;
  • Wi-Fi access in NHS workplaces is still patchy, and there remain some organisational, cultural and social barriers to the use of mobile devices for work-related purposes.

The main objective for commissioning the research was to produce recommendations to inform investment and development in this area. The recommendations start on p34 and are clustered under headings (deployment, design, publicity, technical, etc).

You may find the 2012 v 2010 comparison of devices in use (p58-60) and the synthesis of desk research (p42-) of interest.

Overall, I think that the report provides evidence of the strong support and growth potential for mobile learning to be provided to healthcare staff as an option and part of a blend – though there are challenges to overcome (and there is clearly a need to do more to increase awareness of the apps produced!).

This report, the 2010 report and information about our apps is available at


With good wishes,