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Health Behaviour Change eLearning modules

Picture of Dr Kate Pavlidou
Health Behaviour Change eLearning modules
by Dr Kate Pavlidou - Thursday, 4 July 2013, 10:08 AM

We at Health Scotland have been developing a suite of Health Behaviour Change eLearning modules.  These have been designed to address knowledge gaps and will form part of the blended modular approach to generic health behaviour change learning and workforce development.  Additional learning may be available from Health Scotland or locally to support the development of other core skills essential to practitioners such as communication, engagement or values and attitudes.

Here is the URL link for the Health Behaviour Change landing page http://elearning.healthscotland.com/blocks/behaviour/index.php

From here each of the modules can be accessed.  There are four new modules Introduction Health Behaviour Change, Raising the issue of Physical Activity, Raising the issue of Child Healthy Weight & Raising the issue of Alcohol.  We recommend the Introduction to Health Behaviour Change module is completed before moving on to the topic specific modules as some of the theories explored in the introduction module are referred to in the topic specific modules.

If you would like to access or direct staff straight to the individual module pages this can be done using these links: