Topic outline

  • General

    What is Moodle and how can I use it effectively?
    This section will explain what Moodle is and how it can be used effectively with learners.

    Click the images below to start. Then click the Forum link below.

  • Topic 1


  • Labels

    The Moodle Label is a very versatile tool, this sections explains why.

  • Files and Folders

    How to use uploaded files and folders.

  • Links to other resources.

    Moodle provides a quick and easy way to link to other web-pages. This means you can give learners a quick and convenient way of browsing other web-based resources without leaving the site (and potentially getting lost.)

    Here are a few links to illustrate how this works.

  • Learners: Communication and Collaboration.

    A key feature of any virtual learning environment should be the ability to 'discuss' topics, exchange ideas and collaborate. A mechanism which provides the opportunity for learners to post up responses to questions, comment upon and challenge each others views and facilitate peer learning is a potentially powerful tool. The FORUM within Moodle does just this and is used very successfully on many online learning programmes. The links below will demonstrate how it can be used most effectively with learners. 

  • Learners Quizzes and Feedback

    Moodle provides good opportunities for learner interactivity through a variety of tools within the activities menu. Included in these are Quizzes and Feedback. These tools are built on the same fundamental process, however, one is designed to assess learning or prior knowledge of a topic, this may be connected to the gradebook for formal assessment. The other is to gather feedback from learners which may then be summarised, categorised and graphically represented.

  • The Lesson Activity

    The lesson activity is designed to enable the introduction of a self contained set of activities which may include grade dependency, timed access and to some extent branching content for the learners. The lesson may contain content, imported content, imported presentation materials and a variety of questions (multiple choice, true false, short answer etc). It may be connected tro the Gradebook and has many customisable features.

  • Your Moodle Site