Topic outline

  • General

    This on-line module provides a quick way for trainers to get up and running with the East Midlands Healthcare Workforce Deanery Moodle. Instead of exploring every feature of Moodle the course focuses on getting you started immediately. The module is broken into six sections:

    • Moodle Overview - we explore the East Midlands Healthcare Workforce Deanery and learn Moodle terminology and what it means. We also see example Moodle courses so that we can understand what Moodle is and what it can do for us.
    • General Settings - begins with us editing our user profile so other Moodle users know who we are and can get in touch. Then we configure our Moodle course so we are ready to start building it.
    • Building a Course - shows you how to distribute documents and handouts and progresses through including multimedia resources and how to set automatically graded on line tests.
    • Interacting with Users - Moodle contains powerful tools to promote communication and collaboration on line. These tools are introduced in this section. 
    • Blocks - are a great way of enhancing a Moodle course with extension materials, links to supplementary information, news feeds from external websites (e.g. Medical News Today) and a very useful course calendar - which we will be learning how to use.
    • User enrollment - now we have a course ready to run we learn how to invite users on to it.

    At the end of each section there is a quick-fire quiz intended to help you test your own understanding.

    Each section is made up of units. Units are self contained and can be taken in any order. However, if you are new to Moodle then this module taken in its entirety will give you all the help you need to start building your first Moodle course. 

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