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    Welcome to ST2

    Now that you have progressed into ST2 there are a few things we would like to remind you of, so that your training progresses smoothly. In particular please look at the resource AKT 5 Tips below, written by a previous successful trainee to help you with preparation and taking the exam during either ST2 or 3.



    Unless you are out of 'synch' your portfolio should have passed through the ARCP process. Please can you make sure that you look at the ARCP outcome form in your portfolio and sign it. Whilst you're thinking about it, put the approximate dates of this years ESRs in your diaries - these would normally be the end of January and the end of May. Please do your best to ensure that these are completed on time! For more information about ARCP please click HERE  



    Whether you are in hospital and GP posts it is important that you continue to add regular log entries, especially clinical encounters, and get your assessments done. Remember that the suggested numbers are minimums. Try and get more done, so that you benefit from regular feedback. Also remember to ask your supervisors to complete a CSR at the end of every post, preferably before you leave.

    Please ensure that you add your log entries regularly and not 'dump' all of your entries just before a review. This is unfair to your supervisor and means that you may not have all of them linked to competences, so that you have less evidence available to tag when doing your ESR self rating.

    Do look at the document below about WPBA, written by one of our successful trainees.


    Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire (PSQ)

    If you haven't done a PSQ in ST1, you need to complete one in ST2. Remember that you need 40 completed forms, so ensure that whoever is collecting these for you makes sure that there are at least the required number of fully completed forms before they send them away to be collated for you. For more details please look HERE  


    Employment and Medical Indemnity

    All GP registrars need to ensure they are fully covered with medical indemnity prior to starting their general practice post.  It is your responsibility to arrive with a certificate proving you have the appropriate cover on or before the first day of employment or you will not be allowed to work. As you know we have moved to a Lead Employer - St Helens and Knowsley NHS Trust and they have arranged a block medical indemnity contract for all of our GP trainees. You no longer need to source this yourselves and will no longer need to seek and wait for reimbursement. If you have any queries about this or any other lead employer queries their generic email is . Also please see the Lead Employer Induction presentation below.

    During your hospital posts medical indemnity is provided by the hospital trust. However this does not cover you in case of GMC investigations, etc  so you are strongly advised to take out the basic indemnity offered for hospital doctors. This cost approximately £50 per year and is not reimbursable.


    Out of Hours

    You must keep up with your OOH shifts whilst in GP posts. You need to do 6 hours/month in GP posts, so by the end of ST2 you should have done almost 50 hours of GP OOH work, logged in your portfolio, so that next summer's ARCP panel can see it. It is easier for everyone if you display the running total of OOH hours completed in the title of each OOH log entry. Now that you have done some OOH in ST1 you will have a clearer idea of what it entails but it would probably help to check the guidance around this vital aspect of your work - available HERE

    HEE East Midlands Primary Care Newsletter

    We do need to keep you up to date with changes to training, events and opportunities. In order to avoid deluging you with emails we publish a regular newsletter which you must read. It will be sent to you so please look out for it. The latest edition is also available HERE

    Information Governance

    We’ve heard of a few instances recently of issues where the confidentiality of important patient information, etc. has been put at risk. This includes not keeping paper notes safe when taking them by car on home visits and losing memory sticks or phones containing written information, pictures or videos. Please remember to use passwords and encrypted devices if possible, and being careful about paper notes, laptops, phones, memory cards, etc.

    There are online modules covering this area and we would recommend everyone completing these regularly, as technology and guidance changes. An example would be this PowerPoint presentation which is very comprehensive and can be used by both individuals and small groups IG and Data Security presentation



    We want you to enjoy your GP training. Please remember to complete the EMOS and GMC  Trainee surveys, so that we can use your feedback to improve GP training in the East Midlands for you and your successors.

    EMOS needs completing at the end of EVERY placement and the GMC National Trainee Survey is carried out annually, not necessarily at the end of a placement. Completion of these is a Gold Guide requirement (para 7.32) so please respond when you are notified that a survey is active!

    If you are aware of very significant issues please don't wait to tell us in EMOS or the GMC NTS, talk to someone about it now! Please see the document 'If you can't speak to me ..'

    We sometimes aren't good at telling you when we have listened to feedback and have changed things for the better. We are working on this with the GP Registrar Forum and then feeds in to the Primary Care School Board. This meets about 3 times a year with a rep from each GP programme if possible. Please talk to your programme manager if you would be interested in being a rep for your programme.

  • Feedback

    Having read this short module at the beginning of ST2 - what was useful, what was unhelpful and what else would you have liked to have been included?

    If there are technical problems, please tell us so that we can iron them out.

    Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback about this introduction to your ST2 GP specialty training.

    Nigel Scarborough - Head of School of Primary Care, HEE East Midlands

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